Why do I not receive e-mails from Parker Photographic?

Not receiving e-mails from us is the number one customer service issue we face.  Believe it or not, we have no control if you receive our e-mails (I'll explain more in a minute).

"Please understand, we want you to have the free presets, we want you to receive our newsletters, we want you to receive your purchased links.  If you receive our emails, chances are good you will remember us and do business with us again in the near future (and possibly refer us to friends and colleagues – please and thank you!).  

Therefore, it only makes good business sense to send you emails instantly after requesting them.  However;  how, if, when you receive automated emails from us is out of our control."

So, why are you not receiving our e-mails?  Well, your e-mail service provider (or ISP) filters ALL incoming e-mail.  The filter (s) they use, scan e-mails as they arrive to their servers and looks for spammy or malicious content.  If an e-mail fails the filters test, then they will not forward the e-mail to your inbox.  Even if you requested the e-mail!  Even if you've received e-mail from us before!

We fully, 100%, comply with the CAN-SPAM Act.  However, we still experience about 1/3 of our e-mails never reaching our customers!

There are a few steps you can take to ensure a higher rate of e-mail delivery;

1. Place us on your safe list

2. Contact your e-mail provider and request to have all of our e-mails sent to you (4parker@parkerphotographic.com)

3. Make sure your spam settings are not too high

If you still have trouble reaching us (don't hear back within 48 hours) please submit a support ticket.


Please click here to submit a support ticket.

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